Lipstick Liqueur

Premium Mobile Bartending
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An experienced professional bartender and high-quality service at your event.



Your experienced mobile bartender provides high-quality service as well as a personalized cocktail, crafted to reflect the personality of the host or the theme of the event. No cocktail is ever duplicated.



Lipstick Liqueur is premium mobile bartending with a mission. With a focus on bringing both high-quality service and grass-roots support directly to fellow members of our community, we donate a portion of every event’s proceeds to local individuals suffering from breast cancer.


Our CEO, Sabrina Haloulakos, has always had a passion for giving back and has carried an entrepreneurial spirit with her since childhood. Over the last 15 years, she has been building a career in business and offering bartending services in her spare time. Lipstick Liqueur was born from her desire to balance these two professional passions while making a community impact with personal significance to her.


Founder of Lipstick Liqueur